What is the difference between Classic and Documentary sessions?

Portraits are either led by the photographer or led by the subject. Either way can result in beautiful photos. Documentary sessions focus on photographing what is happening. The photographer is looking for moments in your everyday life. They will ask you to go about your normal routine and will photograph you without much posing or interaction. We want you to be you! This is best when you can try to forget that the camera is there as much as possible. We may give some direction or posing during that time, but know that documentary photography is best when it’s not directed or interfered by the photographer. The photographer will mostly use available light and the set of images will include more black and white than color with a more grain to the images. We will also do a few posed shots as we feel appropriate during this session.

Classic sessions are exactly the opposite. The photographer is telling you exactly how to pose, where to sit and how to smile. This kind of portraiture is focused on everyone looking their best. We make careful wardrobe decisions and specific location choices based on a certain aesthetic you would like to achieve. If the session is held in your home, we may bring in additional lighting and will probably want to move around your furniture to accommodate the setting. These portraits are beautifully lit and carefully crafted, We are looking for natural, real smiles even though we are in a posed setting, and this requires much skill on the photographer’s part.

Are digital files available from my session?

Yes, for a fee. We recognize the importance of clients wanting their digital files, even though our focus is on getting you printed photography for your walls.

What is included in the session fee?

Time, professionalism and creativity involved in creating your images, as well as the preparation of your images for printing. Editing and minor retouching is included, Photographers take photos, not cameras and you’ll be paying to work with the best. Digital files and printed items are additional.

How long will my portrait session last?

Depending on which portrait session you choose, this will vary greatly. Documentary sessions last about 2 to three hours, and classic portraits take about an hour to and hour and half. We ask that you be completely ready to shoot at the agreed-upon shooting time. We don’t want to miss any shooting time!

What days can we plan for Petite Sessions?

Stay tuned to the blog and look out for emails about these special dates and time. Click HERE to signup for email updates. These sessions are held in the studio only (unless specified otherwise) and may include a specific product. You can expect to spend a very short time shooting and come away with mostly posed photos in black and white or color. We have lots of great specials planned throughout the year including Holiday Sessions, Fall Sessions, Mother’s Day specials and Beach sessions. This is great way to supplement your annual portrait.

When will I see my photos?

Two to three weeks after your session, the images will be posted in a preview gallery for your viewing. They will be online for one week for planning purposes. We’ll schedule a your ordering consultation at the end of your portrait session. This can be done in-person at the studio in Savage, MD, in your home or virtually. We will order all your printed items during this session. Online galleries can be re-posted for $150.

What should I wear for my portrait session?

Generally, neutral solid colors work best. Documentary sessions are meant to capture you in your regular clothes, but we suggest staying away from any graphic tees or clothing with recognizable branding. Pajamas are welcomed (especially for Pancake Sessions!) For Classic and Petite Sessions, we recommend checking out our Pinterest board for great ideas and suggestions. We also want to carefully curate your clothing choices, so please bring several outfit choices and ask for specific input.

Does my house need to be tidy?

For Classic Sessions, yes. For Documentary Sessions, not completely. We want to capture your life honestly, and if you are caring for newborn twins, a messy house comes with the territory. Tidy up as much as you feel is true to you and your family’s current story, or as much as you feel comfortable capturing.

How do newborn sessions work?

We love photographing and documenting fresh little newborns, not only because they are just so precious, but because this is such an important milestone to capture. Newborns tend to sleep a lot in the first two weeks, so it’s best to try and capture them during this time. We don’t do a lot of props with these shoots, we strive to capture your little one naturally and with beautiful light, We would categorize these under Classic Sessions, and they can happen at the studio or in your home. We don’t bring baskets or hats or any knitted blankets, so please provide your own if you would like to include them. We do have some tricks and gear to help with newborn posing, Please be sure to purchase diapers that are non-branded for the shoot. You can purchase some HERE

What props should I provide?

We suggest bubbles, balloons, stuffed animals or simple toys that work with the color scheme in your Classic Session.

What if it rains or we get sick? Can we reschedule?

Yes. We can reschedule your shoot one time due to weather or illness. Additional rescheduling requires a fee of $150.

Does my product credit expire?

Product companies that we work with increase their prices on products over time. In order to keep our costs effective, we honor a product credit for up to 6 months. After 6 months, your credit is forfeited.

Will you post my photos on the blog?

Yes, Please let us know if you are not interested in sharing your photos publicly, and we can discuss your options.

Is retouching included? 

Basic retouching is included with your session. Client directed retouching is an additional fee.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with my photos?

We work hard to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. If you are unhappy for any reason with the photos that were created from your session, we offer reshoots for a minimal fee. Due to the custom nature of our work, all sales on printed items are final and there are no refunds.

6% sales tax will be added to your order.

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